Two trips to Düsseldorf!

My first trip…

The day started out with a car ride to Oberkassel. You can take beautiful, long walks along the Rhein. We played for almost an hour at the water and the view was spectacular. We then drove across the bridge and parked. We took a brief walk through the Altstadt, but I was a little nervous. There was so much to see, I wasn’t quite sure what to think.

Then Julia surprised me with one of her favorite places… STARBUCKS!  I love sitting by the window so I can see what is going on outside. But I tend to close my eyes and take a well-deserved nap.

For being so good, Julia and Kenn decided to take me to two very special places for puppies and dogs. Hundestolz was our first stop. It’s a dog-boutique, my favorite blanket actually came from there! Julia saw a beautiful collar, unfortunately it was way too big, yet. Maybe when I am all grown up, it will fit me!

Our second stop was at Dog’s Deli. It smelled delicious when we entered. They bake all their cookies from scratch! The lady who works there was so friendly. She gave me so many treats to taste. I think I was in Paradise! And then Julia and Kenn bought a bag full of those delicious cookies.

What a nice day in Düsseldorf!

The funny thing was the next day I was out with Kenn and Julia for a walk in the Neanderthal, and we came across a man walking a dog.  He asked if I was a Whippet and Julia said yes.  The man smiled and said his wife was talking to his children about a Whippet puppy that she met in Düsseldorf named Roo.  We all looked at each other in amazement….  I am ROO!  Turns out his wife works at Dog’s Deli!  It is such a small world!  Kenn said I am getting too famous…  I am now the topic of breakfast tables!

My Second trip…

Julia told me that morning that she had a fun day planned for me and that we were all going somewhere special.  When I got outside we went to the car and drove off.  Julia drove for two minutes and I sat on Kenn’s lap.  What a short trip I thought!  We got out in a big parking lot… not so impressive.  But Julia looked at me and said we were not at our final destination yet.  She said we are going by train to Düsseldorf!

I had no idea what a train was, so I thought ok why not.  We went to the platform and waited.  A few trains went by… they were big and loud, but I was not afraid.  Finally our train came.  Julia helped me on, because the gap between the platform and the train was too big for me.  Julia and Kenn sat down, while I sniffed around.  It was a fun ride, so many new smells… ok most of the smells were nice, but I would imagine not all the smells on a train are always so pleasant.

We then arrived at big busy place… people coming and going… fast fast fast.  It was the Hauptbahnhof.  Kenn carried me downstairs to the U-Bahn and we took smaller train to the Altstadt.  This time I sat on his lap.  There were a lot of people on the train but I did not mind at all.

When we got out we walked around for a bit.  I was excited about being in Düsseldorf again.  This time I was not nervous, because I already had another trip to Hilden and had been to Hochdahler Markt a few more times.  I was wagging my tail and was full of joy.

I went into my very first store… Strauss!  It has a lot of things to decorate your house with.  The lady behind the counter was so nice, surprised me with a treat!  I guess they have a lot of puppies visit the store!

Julia and Kenn took me into Bento Box!  My first restaurant, can you believe it.  I sat under the table on my blanket and a waitress brought me a big bowl of water.  It was so nice under the table, so I took a nap!  I think Kenn and Julia really enjoyed their lunch… all NYers love SUSHI!!!!

Julia and I then walked into some other stores while Kenn did some Easter shopping.  Then she whispered to me… “Do you want to go to STARBUCKS?”  Of course I did!  Once again we found a nice seat by the window.  I like sitting there…. so much to see!  Of course I took a long nap too.  But I do not think it is fair, I wait there and I never get a latte!  I do get treats and water, of course… but I can see Julia enjoying her latte and I have to wonder just how good it tastes.

We then went to Königsallee, because Kenn had to pick up a book that he ordered for Julia and me.  He ordered The Little King of Dogs (Der Kleine Hundekönig)!  I can not wait for him to read it to me.  My favorite toys at home are the characters in the book.  He also bought Julia a book by Sebastian Fitzek too.  Only fair that she gets a book as well right?

We then strolled down Königsallee… it was not so busy.  But Kenn said we can go back and have coffee there when the weather gets warmer.  Do you think he will get me a latte?  We then walked to the U-Bahn and headed home!

I can’t wait to go back to Düsseldorf!  It is a really nice city and now I love it!


Kenn and I!

Kenn and I!

Kenn, ready? Here I come, have a treat handy :)

Kenn, ready? Here I come, have a treat handy 🙂

Run Roo Run!!!

Run Roo Run!!!

A nice break during a fun filled day.

A nice break during a fun filled day.

What is she getting me? I hope a Latte.

What is she getting me? I hope a Latte.

For some odd reason the G Star Raw Ad offends me!

For some odd reason the G Star Raw Ad offends me!


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