About Roo & His Parents



Hello Everyone! My name is Roo. I am a Whippet and I was born on December 13th 2012. My new parents Julia and Kenn are New Yorkers by heart. But we live in the beautiful country of Germany.

If you have watched Winnie the Pooh then you will know who I am named after.  If you don’t know then… you have to watch it to find out.  But I can give you a hint… he is Tiger’s BESTEST BESTEST friend!  It is a fitting name, because Whippets like to bounce just as much as my namesake.

I would love to share the story of my life with you and maybe some more or less useful facts. Julia is helping me write the blog, because the keyboard is too small for my paws. Maybe Apple will come out with a dog-friendly touchscreen laptop.

I hope you will enjoy my blog!

Roo ~ “Paws & Hearts Forever!”



Julia is trained in Childhood Development and Hotel Management.  She is originally from Germany, but spent several years in the United States.  Her background in childhood development has proven to make her the best owner I could have.  She is caring, patient, and warm.  She also loves me so much.  Julia has already taught me so many things, and loves taking me to puppy school so that I can learn even more!

Kenn is a New Yorker and is new to Germany.  For the past thirteen years he has worked as a creative in film/television/commercial production and in advertising.  His artwork has been featured on Nickelodeon, MTV, Logo, and CBS.  Kenn has designed graphics for the 2010 Harley Davidson Collection, and his photography/work is featured on several websites.  He has also crossed over to the other side of the camera as talent and is now a member of the Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA.  Kenn has a big heart!  He loves to get down and play with me too!

The way my parents met is quite interesting…  They met on the set of a Chuck E Cheese commercial!  I guess you can find love in the ball pit… or if you win enough tickets playing ski ball you can turn them in for the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!

They are both enjoying their life in Germany.  They like to explore, so I know they will take me to some interesting places!  And I promise to share those adventures with you!

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