Contact / Connect

You can connect with me several ways…..

1. By leaving a comment on anyone of my blogs!

2. By tweeting me (even though I prefer barking) at

3. Or emailing me at


3 Responses to Contact / Connect

  1. anne domdey says:

    hi there … tryin to send a message to kenn over xing … but they don’t send it (fu…ers) –
    took a screen shot 😉 here it is … let’s keep in touch over “normal mail” …

    have a nice week # ps: FANTASTIC BLOG*

    och neee .. screen shot won’t enter here neither … :-/ … pls mail me, and lets diss xing 🙂

    good greets


  2. Jamila Knothe says:

    SO great blog! Fun to read everytime!

    Paws and hearts forever! ❤
    Love from Sheldon & me 😉

  3. Dobby & Clay says:

    Hi Roo,

    maybe you remember: we met you in Konz (Clay was in youth class, Dobby in the open class).
    You may have a look at our website where you can also see some pictures. I suppose then you will remember us 🙂

    Kind regards from
    Dobby & Clay

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